Cavemen and Creation

Cavemen were men who lived in caves. Thanks for stopping by, always glad to answer those tough questions. Actually, I stole that from Ken Ham. Many people think that the existence of people who lived in caves is evidence for evolution. This is based on Darwinian presuppositions and connotations. The truth is far different.

Many people think of cavemen as partially-evolved brutes. Some wonder if they really existed. Cavemen were real, but fully human.
Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos / vectorolie
The image people have is a newly-minted brute from the evolution factory that is stupid and walking around with a club. Cartoons indicate that the males did not have dating skills, knocking females unconscious and dragging them back to the caves. Of course, nobody was there to see this happen; it's mostly a joke used to give the negative impression that they are links to our evolutionary past.

What may be the most famous cavemen were the Neanderthals, but it has been determined that they were fully human, not partially evolved stupid links. There are other cave dwellers that have been touted as specimens of evolution, but such ideas do not withstand scrutiny. They were actually descendants of Adam and then Noah, dispersed in various ways after Babel. These early people sure did know how to travel.
As far as stereotypes go, cavemen make easy targets—especially when transplanted into the twenty-first century. Their brutish way of dealing with contemporary situations earns a laugh on commercials and TV shows. They just don’t understand us modern humans, and their misunderstanding strikes humor gold. But when we cut away the laugh track and the bumbling ways, we’re left with something of an enigmatic figure—a being without a settled place in our understanding of history. Perhaps, in fact, it’s our discomfort with not knowing what to do with cavemen that makes us laugh. So, just who were they? Were cavemen real?
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