Oil, Gas, and the Young Earth

There was a television comedy in the 1990s titled Dinosaurs. It used a passel of names related to petroleum products and companies, the main characters being named Sinclair. The show perpetuated the notions that Earth is billions of years old, and that petroleum products came from dinosaurs.

Despite the common ideas that petroleum products came from dinosaurs and took millions of years to form, the truth is far different.
Credit: RGBStock / Elvis Santana
While dinosaur remnants may have become natural gas and oil, they are not the primary sources. As for the millions of years thing, well, Carbon-14 is found in oil and other places where it should not be according to uniformitarian standards. Also, oil and natural gas pressures should have reached equilibrium or dissipated by now (Creation Research Society Quarterly 44(1):64–66, Alexander V. Lalomov, PhD, PDF download link here). While these facts do not prove recent creation, they are consistent with young earth models.
The search for oil has forced scientists to map the geologic layers of many different areas around the globe and allowed us to learn more about geology.
Last time, we talked about coal geology and many of the misunderstandings people have about coal (read that article here). People tend to have similar misunderstandings about oil and natural gas. Today, we will address three of these 
  1. Geologists must believe in evolution and billions of years to find oil 
  2. Oil and natural gas come from dinosaur bones 
  3. It takes long periods of time to make oil and gas
To peruse the entire petroleum publication, click on "Oil, Natural Gas, and a Young Earth". There are several references below that article you can click for further information.