Cichlid Study Confirms Creationist Predictions

Cichlid fish are popular among aquarists, but are also popular for both secular and creation scientists. Believers in universal common ancestor evolution believe that we evolved from fish, so their presuppositions lead them to claim that natural selection and variations are examples of evolution. Creationists have more rational presuppositions, and recent cichlid research confirmed a prediction.

Cichlid fish are popular subjects of scientific study. Recent research supports creation science predictions.
Vieja cichlid image credit: Unsplash / The Cofish Store
An advantage for scientists who study cichlids is that their traits and the associated genes are a mite easier to study than those of other critters. Insertions and deletions of DNA were found to be locked and loaded, ready to change as needed. This is the opposite of what Darwinists believe, but supports what creationists predict about the Master Engineer's work.
Cichlid fish are a top biological model for the study of diversification because of their unique ability to adapt to a wide range of lake and river environments. They also produce a startling array of unique traits. For creation scientists, they are particularly interesting because they provide an opportunity to illustrate how creatures are able to track their environments and respond accordingly to produce traits that allow them to succeed as a result of their internally engineered systems. A new study confirms creationist predictions for a type of internal adaptive engineering in the genome.
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