Nonsense in Origin-of-Live Concepts

We have seen that evolutionists are committed to naturalism (denial of the Creator), and some are taking their pantheistic religious beliefs to absurdity. Add to this the insistence that life can come from non-life by way of spontaneous generation (abiogenesis, or chemical evolution) from primordial slime, and we see what denial of God does to the mind.

Abiogenesis research is increasingly absurd. Logic and basic science are rejected in favor of naturalism and denial of the Creator.
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In their desperate attempts to maintain the narrative, facts are ignored or neglected. Indeed, even basic logic has been cast aside. The scientific law of biogenesis (life can only come from life) is consistently ignored in origin-of-life research. When reading their material, watch for weasel words such as maybe, perhaps, maybe, scientists think, and more in their bad science. In reality, there was no chemical evolution nor universal common ancestry; we were created, and that was done only a few thousand years ago.
Having presupposed materialism, origin-of-life scientists are stuck with it. They cannot consider ideas outside the materialist box. They can talk endlessly about chemistry, which is fine; but logic is not their specialty, because materialistic origin-of-life (henceforth OOL) leads to bad math, bad logic and bad conclusions. Some of the conclusions are truly absurd.
The basic logical defect in OOL studies is this: nature has no obligation to conform to human imagination. Just because a chemist can imagine a way that some building block “might” contribute to a materialistic origin of life, that doesn’t obligate nature to perform it. The logical fallacy is much worse than imagining one step. Robert Shapiro once likened OOL to playing 18 holes of golf (15 April 2007).  If the OOL scientist can imagine how a ball might roll down a mountain and possibly land in the cup, there are still 17 more holes to win the game. The scientist might next imagine an asteroid impact launching the ball up a mountainside where the next cup is. The sequence of necessary steps to complete the course quickly becomes absurdly improbable. Shapiro said,
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In the 19th century, the theory of abiogenesis was widely accepted, much like evolution is today. Charles Darwin strongly promoted the idea that life was generated spontaneously from non-life. However, Louis Pasteur, a French microbiologist and believer in biblical creation, made a startling discovery that turned this notion completely upside down.