Scorpion Evolution Fake News

We have seen numerous examples of research that claims to support universal common ancestor evolution that did nothing of the kind. Add to this the fact that the vaunted secular peer review process is fundamentally flawed, and this scorpion evolution story is a tragicomedy.

Another bad paper passed peer review. This one is full of unsubstantiated claims about scorpions and evolution.
Striped bark scorpion image credit: National Park Service
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There are 1,750 or so known species of scorpions, but only a few have venom that is deadly to humans. Even so, this child will not be guessing, leaving the handling to the experts. These predators often blend in well with their surroundings, but they are known to make their way into places they don't belong. Be sure to shake out your shoes and boots in the morning if you sleep in those areas.

A fossil was found that had the same kind of inner workings from hundreds of million Darwin years ago, but was essentially the same as those today. The researchers promptly utilized the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™, including how the respiration showed a link between breathing in the sea and on land. Hail Darwin, blessed be! However, there was not a shred of actual scientific evidence to support the claims, and one paleontologist even said the paper "fails miserably". Of course it does. The critter was unchanged because the earth isn't that old, and life was created recently, pilgrim.
In searching for data on the evolution of body organs and structures, one of the best sources is small organisms trapped in amber. Every now and then, though, fossilized creatures in rock contain soft tissue impressions, revealing evidence of organs or organ structures. The evidence is often indirect. Recently, paleontologists found what they call the oldest known scorpion ever uncovered: two fossil specimens of a scorpion named Parioscorpio venator. They claim it shows evidence of a respiratory system that functioned in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. This story gives us an opportunity to separate science from unbridled speculation.
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