Deceptively Renaming Cambrian Explosion

Evolutionists have a habit of renaming and redefining things when they realize biblical creationists are using them. We have the old bait 'n' switch where particles-to-palenontologist evolution is conflated with variations, changes in allele frequencies, and so on. Now some want to rename the Cambrian explosion.

The Cambrian explosion was lamented by Darwin and has been used by creationists for years. Some dishonest evolutionists are trying to dismiss it.

When owlhoots like this don't like they hand they've been dealt, they try to change the rules, reshuffle, deal from the bottom of the deck, hide cards, and so on. We have seen these tricks many times, which include citing retracted papers, omitting pertinent data, and making arbitrary assertions that are not supported by facts. These assertions fit the narrative of naturalism, however.

Way back many, many moons ago, Papa Darwin lamented the Cambrian explosion. Biblical creationists have used as one of many tools in refuting evolution. Last I knew, true science has nothing to do with protecting their worldview from the truth. Deceptive Darwinists have asserted that it should not be called the Cambrian explosion, and one of their main motivations for Making Things Up™ is that it is useful to creationists. Regular readers may have noticed that we've been using it quite a bit lately as a part of the resistance.

A new editorial in GSA Today is claiming that secular scientists should cease using the term “Cambrian Explosion.” It’s not for any particularly revealing scientific discovery but for “societal reasons.”

Jacob Beasecker and his colleagues from Michigan State University attempt to justify their perceived lack of an “explosion” of life by noting that there have been many fossils found in rocks below the Cambrian.1 And they argue that Cambrian fossils appear over many millions of years—“hardly ‘explosive’ in the widely understood use of the word.”1 Additionally, Beasecker and his colleagues go on to claim:

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