When Evolutionists Use the Bible Against Creationists

Biblical creationists are accustomed to being called upon to defend their views when challenged by supporters of universal common descent. Unfortunately, some of these are theistic evolutionists. When these and misotheists saddle up to ride for the Darwin brand, they occasionally try to use Bible against us.

Misotheists and theistic evolutionists alike misrepresent the Bible and try to use it against creationists. They beclown themselves and are refuted.

Something I have learned and then stated many times is that when choosing to slap leather with an opponent, it is important to learn the other side's views (see "Debate Challenges" for more about this). If one misrepresents the other or does not do proper research, that person is beclowning himself. Atheists and evolutionists do this to biblical (young earth) creationists frequently, but humiliate themselves when facing knowledgeable opponents.

One owlhoot in particular, Michael Jones, got his ownself a YouTube channel, and people wanted his challenges to creationists answered. Like other deniers of the truthfulness and authority of the Bible, he misrepresents it. Also, he does not seem to understand his own sources for his arguments. Jones also has something common with many atheists today: the belief that somehow they are the geniuses to come up with something that hasn't been thought of by others who have tried to discredit God's Word over the centuries. Jones really shoots himself in the foot.

Can young-earth creationism be debunked just by a careful reading of Scripture? This is the claim made by popular YouTube apologist, Michael Jones, in a video posted to his Inspiring Philosophy channel on 11 December 2020. Numerous correspondents have asked CMI to respond to this video, titled, “TOP TEN Biblical Problems for Young Earth Creationism.” Jones is a theistic evolutionist, but does not try to refute CMI’s stance in this case by appealing to scientific evidence that allegedly proves evolution or deep time. Instead, he maintains:

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