Pseudoscience — Back at You!

I disremember what movie it was, but one scene had an inept deputy sheriff pointing a pistol at the main character. He was annoyed and said, "Give me that!", taking away the gun. The deputy immediately put his hands up and said, "Don't shoot!"

Religious folks riding for the Darwin brand say creation is pseudoscience. Hold up a mirror, they do that which they are accuse creationists.
Original image: The Angry One by Ferdinand Hodler
There are some religious owlhoots who ride for the Darwin brand that say that biblical creation science is really just pseudoscience. Ironically, evolution has many qualifications of being a pseudoscience itself. With logic and scrutiny, it can be turned around on them. Watch for the double standards of criticizing biblical creationists of believing in the Creator, yet they presuppose naturalism, then present speculations and unfounded opinions as science. Someone hold up a mirror for these jaspers.
The organization BioLogos, which advocates that Christians accept secular evolutionary claims, recently published an online essay entitled “How to Spot Fake Science.”1 The not-too-subtle implication of the article is that Christians skeptical of ‘consensus science’ claims are being duped by pseudoscience. Based on their published material, BioLogos clearly thinks that criticisms of evolutionary theory fall into this category. Ironically, however, a number of the stated characteristics of pseudoscience apply to evolutionary claims.

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