Evolutionists Telling a DAM Lie

Believers in minerals-to-misotheist need to be asked some direct questions, such as if evolution is a proven fact, why do they expect evidence to be found later? That is faith, old son, not science. Also, why do they need to use falsehoods and chicanery? If evolution were a "proven scientific fact", it could successfully slap leather with all challengers. Helpful hint: Science does not prove anything, only disproves. Hypotheses, theories, even laws stand until even one contrary piece of evidence brings them down. That is falsifiability.

I gave Charlie a floral wreath at PhotoFunia. It's quite fitting.

Darwin's Abominable Mystery troubled him for years and was never resolved. Flowering plants existed too soon for evolutionists, a fact which supports recent creation. Deal with it, hippies. But no, living by faith, evolutionists have tried to hoodwink us with tall tales and even outright deception instead of admitting that they have insurmountable problems. Of course, the end justifies the means, so fraud and lying are acceptable in their fundamentally flawed worldview.

The facts in this story are opposite what a BBC headline promises.

Why do they get away with it? Because like Stalin-type totalitarian regimes, they run the science, the schools and the press. No one is ever held accountable.

"New light shed on Charles Darwin’s ‘abominable mystery’" (BBC News). Helen Briggs re-illustrates the DAM Law, that any article about flowering plants will mention the phrase, ‘Darwin’s Abominable Mystery.’ With the customary salute to the great master of evolutionary theory, she begins with acceptable artwork of Charlie’s hoary face and handwriting. The light never comes.

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