Human Reproduction is Still a Mystery to Evolutionists

Since social(ist) media have their on bots search and destroy missions for things that are against their so-called community standards, I was a bit vague on the title. This is about sex, the matrimonial mattress mambo. More importantly, it is about design and wonder.

Human reproduction has been unexplainable to evolutionists. The processes involved that give us pleasure and children are a marvel of God's design.
Credit: Pixabay / Karin Henseler
As we have seen previously, the human reproductive system is an enigma to Darwin's disciples. In their paradigm of time, chance, mutations, natural selection, random processes, and so on, they cannot explain it — especially the specified complexity of the male reproductive system. Their lack of understanding doesn't stop them from making ludicrous assumptions and using evolution to excuse promiscuity in humans, though.

It is interesting that sex is our means of reproduction and also a source of pleasure. Indeed, it is a gift of God within the confines of true marriage. Although the porn industry is making huge amounts of money and Mohammedan countries are increasing their populations, many countries (mainly in Europe) are actually facing a population decline and their leaders are worried. I lack belief that evolutionist can give plausible explanations for that.

It is a marvel that the way our reproductive parts fit together, but there is a great deal more happening within us that we cannot see. All of this is a testimony of God's masterful design.

Sex involves much more than just having perfectly fitting sex organs. It entails complexity on multiple levels, from human psychology to proteins in the gametes. We have learned that a sperm cell, for instance, carries with it proteins essential to the development of the embryo. The internal organs that develop ovum and sperm (each undergoing specialized cell divisions that result in half the normal complement of paired chromosomes) is another level of staggering complexity. After sperm and egg are manufactured, there have to be systems of storing and delivering the gametes, implanting the zygote, and preparing the female for nourishing it. All those glands and organs, in turn, require blood vessels and nerves. Recent ‘movies’ of how an unborn baby develops in the womb rightly arouse awe and wonder at the whole choreographed process. After the miracle of birth, the continuing development from baby to child, through puberty and on to adult is beautiful to behold.

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