Shlooping — a New Word for Evolutionary Storytelling

Scientists are expected to conduct research and present evidence to support their findings. Darwin's handmaidens are often exempt from this, instead presenting conjectures as science and telling tales that elicit adoration from the secular science industry. One way of evosplaining is essentially, "Stuff happens".

Darwin's handmaidens build a grand sandwich of storytelling that includes plenty of oops. Add a layer of Stuff Happens Law, SHL, make Shlooping.
A Winter's Tale by John Everett Millais
This is often wrapped in a sciencey club sandwich that includes millions of years, time, chance, luck, random processes, bad logic, natural selection, weasel words, "it evolved", and even the Stuff Happens Law. Sometimes it's served with a dill pickle. I like that part. No ethics though.

David Coppedge suggests a new word for evolutionary storytellers: Shlooping. There's a great deal of "oops-ing" in their efforts to deny the Creator his due. Add the abbreviation for the Stuff Happens Law. You get schlooping. Sounds kind of Yiddish, doesn't it? There are some similar words about unethical behavior that come to mind...
It’s the Stuff Happens Law plus Oops, throwing mud into the water of science, fouling understanding.

We hereby introduce the descriptive term SHLooping, which means using the Stuff Happens Law (SHL i.e., chance) as a primary means of scientific explanation, and being careless about it (“oops”). The Stuff Happens Law is, of course, the antithesis of science. Scientists should be attempting to explain the world, not explain it away by saying “stuff happens.” And yet SHLooping is exactly what Darwinians do every time they say, “It evolved,” or otherwise appeal to blind, unguided processes as a means to explain things. They say their findings “shed light” on evolution. They say any and every conceivable trait “emerged” by some kind of rhetorical magic. This is deceptive, vapid and self-refuting. It’s also a bit loopy.

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