Explaining the Petrified Redwood Trees

Trees that are actually made out of rock. They used to be wood long ago, but chemical changes happened. Uniformitarian geologists say these things are found all over the world in situ (they grew there), but this is mere evosplaining. Creation geologists need to do better.

Secular geologists have weak explanations for petrified trees and how they reached their respective locations. It is fair to challenge creationists to explain them.
Credit: US National Park Service / P. Comas
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Petrified trees do not show indications of having grown where they are found. Branches and tops are snapped off, and root systems are absent. Then there are the disparate fossils that secularists cannot explicate, which are almost as troublesome as polystrate tree fossils. Biblical creation geologists have some ideas based on Genesis Flood models that seem to fit the bill.

There are numerous vertical, petrified trees found in sedimentary rocks around the world. The vertical, petrified redwood stumps at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument are a famous example. They have several unusual features that are problematic for an in situ interpretation. In the Florissant Formation, 1,500 insect and spider species fossils and about 260 plant species and pollen have been found. They come from widely diverse environments, yet they are buried together. There is no modern analogue. Some of the fossil species are found alive in subtropical and tropical environments. Some are not native to North America but from distant parts of the globe. The hypothesis that well-preserved fossils are from preservation by biofilms has contradictions. The paleoaltitude is thought to be near the same as it is today, about 2,490 m, but with an anomalous mean annual temperature that was much warmer with very little frost. There are numerous contradictions to the uniformitarian hypothesis. The evidence supports deposition of the organisms, including the vertical redwood stumps, from floating log mats during the Genesis Flood.

You can read the rest of this rather technical article (and see some interesting photos) at "The Florissant redwood trees deposited from a Flood log mat". Allow a "dig me" moment. Today is the tenth anniversary of the Piltdown Superman weblog. Over 2,800 posts and articles on this site alone. Thanks for riding along!