The Age of the Universe is Unknown to Physics

According to biblical creationists, the universe was created roughly six thousand years ago. This prompts hails of derisive laughter from misotheists and other evolutionists. What is considered a smoking gun against creation is the age of the universe through speed-of-light calculations. 

A surprising secular paper concludes that the age of the universe based on the speed of light cannot be known. This agrees with some creation models.
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However, that gun shoots at the pistolero as well as the target, as Big Bang proponents have serious problems with the amount of time that light can travel in their scenario. Meanwhile, believers in stardust-to-steelworker evolution claim that the age of the universe is a fact (which has changed several times), but this is based on unproven and apparently unprovable assumptions — many of which are used to "prove" the age of the earth in radiometric dating, as we have seen previously.

Biblical creation astronomers have pointed these things out for decades, and offered scientific solutions for the apparent conflict in light-travel time and creation. It is interesting that there are secular scientists who are not locked into the naturalism-at-all-costs narrative. A paper was submitted that states some of the same things that creationists have been saying about these problems, and about assumptions. They even realize that instead of secular miracles, God the Creator is the best explanation!

Measuring age depends on measuring light speed in ways that cannot in principle be confirmed.

Now wait a minute; we all know that the speed of light is constant in a vacuum, right? That’s the simplest expectation. Einstein thought it was true. It may well be true. But Geraint Lewis and Luke Barnes explain that it’s impossible to prove. Brian Koberlein at Universe Today reveals a conundrum little known outside of egghead astrophysics classes that has profound implications about the age of the universe.

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