Solving the Dinosaur Demise Mystery

The most common narrative is that dinosaurs lived somewhere around 250 to 65 million Darwin years ago, then they became extinct. Whyzat? Supposedly they were doing fine until something fell from the sky and killed them off. Actually, secularists argue about their extinction.

Credit: Pexels / Engin Akyurt
Your typical village atheist or other evolutionist seems to think that evolution is a "fact". To have a fact, there needs to be incontrovertible evidence. Not only is there considerable evidence refuting dust-to-dinosaur evolution, secular scientists are not in agreement about it.

Nor do they agree about the extinction of dinosaurs (the fact that there is no evidence for their supposed evolution might have something to do with that). Some scientists think they gradually faded away, others think it was sudden. New research shots that it was sudden — and fits right nicely with creation science Genesis Flood models. Instead of excluding biblical creationists, the scientific community as a whole would benefit from creationists' perspectives. Study on that a spell.
Scientists from the University of Bath have found that dinosaurs were thriving up to the end of the Cretaceous. This discovery conflicts with earlier claims that dinosaurs were declining in number towards the top of the Cretaceous System. However, these findings fit the predictions from a global Flood scenario.

Lead author Joseph Bonsor and his colleagues explained:

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