Another Human Evolution Link Rejected

Over a setback like this, it would be expected that Rusty Swingset would be objurgating his crew at the Darwin Ranch. But Sahelanthropus tchadensis did not seem to cause much excitement among evolutionists. Looks like this, too, is discarded on the scrapheap of wishful thinking.

Another animal in the evolution parade has been relegated to the evolutionary scrapheap of wishful thinking. It did not excite Darwinists much anyway.
Credit: Flickr / Karen Neoh (CC BY 2.0)
S. Tchadensis was pieced together a couple of decades ago. Actually, all they found were parts of a skull, and it was very much like that of a chimpanzee. However, it had some odd characteristics, and Darwin needed a marcher for his parade of evolution, so they gave him one. Not all evolutionists hopped on the wagon, so it was disputed.

Now a femur was introduced, and that was an important part. It also helps seal the deal that this critter was not our evolutionary ancestor. Once again, biblical creationists are right.
Nearly 20 years ago, a team of anthropologists presented the finding of a fossil skull that was very chimp-like in many respects. However, the skull had several unusual features that led to the claim that the ape-like creature was an early bipedal ancestor from the early stages of human evolution. Now, a new study has presented a very chimp-like fossil femur that supposedly belongs to the creature and indicates that it habitually walked on all four feet and was therefore not trundling down the path to humanness at all.

That's all the preview you're getting since this is a short article (unlike the one on a biblical analysis of climate change). To read it, click on "Sahelanthropus Femur Likely Makes It a Chimp".