Still No Thumb Evolution

In their ongoing efforts to promote the naturalism narrative, disseminators of evoporn have conducted some very shoddy work. The false claim about the similarities between human and chimpanzee genomes is still proclaimed. Now some think a critter finger evolved into the human thumb.

Evolutionists continue to do shoddy research in their efforts to prove naturalism and reject God. It happened again regarding thumb evolution.
Credit: Flickr / Will Keightley (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Like with the genome thing, secularists have conducted horrendously inferior research using poor samples and absurd logic. Somehow way back when, alleged evolutionary ancestors diverged, with humans getting the opposable thumb and all those apes were left holding the end of the stick and using their feet as hands. Or did they leave that part out?

Come on, evolutionists! Cowboy up and admit that this is more wishful thinking than science. Here's a thought: Do real science without kissing Darwin (and admit that the evidence actually supports recent creation), or get productive jobs.
The human thumb is a major example of the many anatomical designs that set us apart from apes. To evolutionists, who take it as a given that humans and chimps have a common ancestor, they simply ignore the genetic chasm in their efforts to find evidence that a chimp thumb evolved into a human thumb. . . .  
Anatomists recognize that “The human thumb is a marvel” of design, “allowing our ancestors to craft stone tools and radically expand their food choices.” The evolutionist proceeds with conviction of evolutionary ancestry into the chasm, looking for bits of fossil evidence. 

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