Evolution Viewed as a Fairy Tale

Misotheists and other anti-creationists denigrate the Bible, biblical creation science, and much more with arbitrary assertions that are irrational. Some liken them to myths and even fairy tales. We can get up on the hill for a big picture, then view evolution as a fairy tale.

Misotheists denigrate the Bible and creation science as being fairy tales. We shall now take a look at evolution through the lens of fairy tales.
Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing, William Blake, 1786 (Darwin face added, obviously)
It is not uncommon to encounter atheists who are on the prod, making risible statements such as, "The Bible was written by Bronze Age goat herders". The ignorance is stunning, but other atheopaths cheer such asinine statements. Because atheism.

In reality, the Bible was written over a period of about 1,600 years by kings, a physician, shepherds, fishermen, and more. The so-called Bronze Age is considered to have run from about 3300 to 1200 BC. Although the dates are uncertain as to when Moses lived, we can go with 1,400 BC. The last books of the Bible are dated at about 90 AD. So, that "Bronze Age goat herders" remark is wrong by timing alone, and simply an ignorant, hateful pejorative.

One sidewinder used a variation on the phrase, inserting, "...illiterate goat herders". When asked how illiterate people wrote such a huge tome, he redefined "illiterate" to mean something entirely different from any legitimate definition! Mustn't admit that the st00pid dumb theist that he hates could possibly have a point, nosiree!

Have you ever read fairy tales? There is no similarity between those and what is written in the Bible—or what is believed and taught by biblical creationists. By the way, something evolutionary stories have that is missing from fairy tales: fraud.

We can put on fairy tale spectacles and use those to view evolution. While its proponents try to make it all sciency and stuff, if you study on it, evolutionary stories really do sound like fairy tales all polished up. Indeed, evolution has been referred to as "a fairy tale for adults". Let's see what y'all think.
At a single point in time and space, the universe popped out into existence. We call it the “big bang.” Before then, everything was condensed into a single point of infinite density and extreme heat. Then, boom! We got matter, the laws of physics, and every other phenomenon that exists in the universe, even though no one ever observed it. But that’s what happened. Everything came from nothing—got it?

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