Mudstones, Secularists, and the Genesis Flood

Secular geology is dominated by uniformitarian (slow and gradual beliefs), but when cornered, they invoke forms of catastrophe. One example is the Channeled Scablands. Another is mudstone, which was previously used in efforts to refute the Genesis Flood. It has been proven to form very rapidly.

Mudstone was once thought to refute the catastrophic Genesis Flood. Secular scientists are realizing that mudstone can form extremely fast after all.
Mudstone in New Zealand image credit: Flickr / Rachael (CC BY 2.0)
Indeed, it was proven to form rapidly before (see "Fast-Forming Mudstones and the Genesis Flood"), and things have become worse for proponents of deep time and gradual processes. To be blunt, it's nice to see that there are still some scientists who are willing to admit that part of their paradigm were wrong. To see them admit that this is evidence for the global Genesis Flood — that may happen eventually.
A radical revision of the origin of mudstones in 2014 just got another surprising update favorable to creationists.

Old-earthers have long pointed to mudstones as evidence against a young earth. The thinking for a century or more has been that mudstones, like some of the fine-grained strata throughout the southwestern United States, required placid conditions for their formation. Microscopic particles needed vast ages to slowly settle out of solution and accumulate on the bottoms of inland lakes or seas. Creationists might have had some evidence of rapid formation for some of the sandstones and limestones, but mudstones? No; those disproved rapid formation.

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