Bizarre Darwinists Celebrate Defeat

Rusty Swingset and the hands at the Darwin Ranch are celebrating, but they should be lamenting the demise of scientific integrity. Instead, they spin the data like a top, followed by drinking firewater and clog dancing around a portrait of Papa Darwin. Then there's the Secret Satan gift exchange.

Evolutionists are so committed to their beliefs, they see failure as a reason to celebrate. Even when they contradict themselves, they claim victory.
Credit: Pexels / Yogendra Singh
I reckon the best jobs to have for security are weather forecasting and evolutionary science, because both can be wrong a large percentage of the time and people still remain employed. Actually, naturalism is better because if that narrative is protected and the non-explanation of "it evolved" is invoked often enough, they get more money. All the while, counting with pagan bead strings and chanting, "Evolution!"

Here we have paleontologists admitting they were wrong about forms of soft tissues, spinning the storyline, and salvaging Darwin's sorry hide through the complex (and effective) scientific principle of Making Things Up™. This still does not negate our Creator and his work.
Data that should falsify evolutionary timelines instead is used to launch new storytelling speculations.

When men in white suits are hauling you away . . . that is not a good time to ask how the red in the sirens evolved. Something like that happens among evolutionary paleontologists every time they find soft tissue in fossils they say are hundreds of millions of years old. Their trusted dates just went up in smoke, but all they can think about is how the soft tissue might give them more visions of the bearded Buddha.

You can read the rest by dancing on over to "Evolutionary Paleontologists Ask Wrong Questions". For another example of how dishonest evolutionists try to salvage their fundamentally flawed theory, see "A Failed Attempt to Refute Living Fossils: The Case of Coelacanth".