Evolution and Genetic Information Proposal Failures

Proponents of particles-to-pianist evolution try to persuade the world that they have evidence for their views in many fields on science, including biology. Although Papa Darwin hijacked natural selection for his own purposes, that failed. Evolutionists appeal to genetics, but the problems are huge.

Evolution requires the impossible, massive amounts of genetic information are added to organisms. Their efforts to deny the Creator fail.
Credit: Pixabay / Marcelo C. Domingues
Although simple organisms are far from simple when their internal workings are considered, they are much simpler than humans. But naturalists attempt to use a combination of luck, time, natural selection, and other unseen and untestable processes to add complex genetic information. This would not be for a single instance or a few occurrences, but numerous times as our alleged evolution from simple to complex travailed; the human genome is astonishingly complex. If you study on it, such ideas are desperately absurd contrivances to avoid admitting that God is our Creator. But we've seen how it is: the narrative of naturalism supersedes science and reason.
Evolutionary scientists know they need to explain the origin of genetic information. However, instead of discussing new information, they tend to focus on new genes. These are sometimes known as de novo genes. In the literature, they have proposed different methods to create these “new genes” or new expressions of genes, but only four are well accepted, and we will discuss those below. Extensive research is underway in these areas, and hundreds of papers are published yearly on these topics. However, their methods are rarely empirical and are drawn largely from theory rather than evidence.

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