Evolutionists Stealing Science Principles from God

The other day, the hands at the Darwin Ranch went a-riding into town, shot holes in the saloon ceiling, scared the showgirls, overindulged in firewater, and so on. They think they won the bid from the secular science industry for a model to improve science using evolution.

Arrogant evolutionists think they can improve science using Darwinian thinking. Since their worldview is incoherent, they steal from God.
Credit: Pixabay / Fernando Latorre
They have great faith in Darwinian thinking, but insert a passel of presuppositions about what they consider good morals and principles. Great, "improving" science by selecting the best of time, chance, random processes, survival of the fittest, mutations, natural selection, and so on. Would you want that kind of thinking in your program? Not me.

More than that, these tinhorns steal principles from the biblical worldview. Why? Because theirs is incoherent. Instead of giving credit to the Creator, they simply take and pretend those things were their ideas all along.
Need better science? Let the Darwin Party take over. They’ll give the next reformers an even bigger mess to clean up.

Arizona State University graduate Leonid Tiokhin is earning his D-Merit Badge for the Darwin Party. His project was to “change science for the better.” If “Science is society’s best method for understanding the world,” the reader asks, why does it need to be better? (See Best-in-Field Fallacy). Everybody acknowledges severe shortcomings between science’s ideals and real-world practice:

To read the entire article, follow the link that was designed without evolutionary thinking to "Can Evolutionary Theory Improve Scientific Practice?"