Kidney Evolution Ideas Fail Spectacularly

When misotheists and other evolutionists deny the clear evidence of the Master Engineer's work, they are not using science. They need to know that shlooping and presenting the non-explanation of "it evolved" are intellectually dishonest. The vertebrate kidney is an amazing example of our Creator's handiwork.

Anti-creationists ridicule us for believing that God is the designer, but they have no rational model for how complex organs like the kidney evolved.
Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos / Somkiat Fakmee
There are people in some workplaces that are almost intimidating because they are important to the company and perform complex duties. People who have healthy kidneys may pay them no nevermind, but people who have problems with them learn mighty quickly how important they are. Not only do they perform internal cleaning, they also perform other functions — even communicating with other organs.

Evolutionists make important declarations about life and origins that seem to be based more on wishful thinking than on actual science. Then real science comes along where people learned more (and did research that their predecessors sluffed off) and bring better understanding along. Some liars for Darwin have said that kidney development is a splendid example of the "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" propaganda, but that is refuted by those who are knowledgeable in biology. Also, evolutionary conjectures about a pre-kidney are nothing more than wishful thinking, and not supported by fossil evidence.
An unbridgeable gap exists between the simple urinary system used in invertebrates and the far more complex kidney system used in all vertebrates. No direct evidence of the evolution of one system into the other exists, nor have any viable “just-so” stories been proposed to explain the evolution of the simple invertebrate urinary system into the complex vertebrate kidney-urinary system. The common reason evolutionists give for the lack of evidence to bridge this chasm is that soft tissue is usually not preserved in the fossil record.

The problem with this claim is thousands of so-called “living fossils” exist that are claimed to be anatomically close to their hundreds of millions years old design which should display evidence of the less evolved organs. . . . 

All vertebrates use very close to the same design, and the few variations that exist are relatively minor. The main reason the designs are very similar is that, functioning effectively to remove waste products requires a specific, irreducibly complex kidney design.

Although this article is rather technical, even reg'lar folk like me can get something out of it. You're smart people, so you can read the full article at "Evolution of the Vertebrate Kidney Baffles Evolutionists".