Fake News of Multicellularity Evolution

Believers in universal common ancestor evolution believe that life developed over millions of years, and shloop it to us. There should be innumerable transitional forms. Also, evidence that single-celled evolved into multi-celled organisms. Well, there was that experiment...

Credits: CSIRO / Willem van Aken (CC BY 3.0), modified at Big Huge Labs
Evolutionists make promises in science abstracts, press releases, and more. The obedient lapdog media for the secular science industry put the spurs to the stories to make them really sensational. On it goes. Unfortunately, they present "discoveries" that leave out important details that may prompt thinking people to question their integrity or education. Perhaps both.

A lab experiment involved single-celled algae (is there any other kind?) and another single-celled organism that would eat algae. (Yes, predation exists even at that level.) The fake news? It is claimed that the experiment showed how single-celled organisms could evolve into multi-celled because they wanted to avoid being eaten. This was a bushel of rawmaish because the cells remained unchanged, and epigenetics was conveniently ignored as well. Our Creator designed organisms to adapt, which is something we have discussed here many times.
According to evolutionary theory, living things developed from simpler to more complex organisms over billions of years via several major innovations. One such big step was the evolution of multicellular organisms from single-celled ones. This is a crucial phase of evolution, because multicellular organisms allow for multiple cell tissue types. This in turn permits more variability in living beings, allowing for mutations and natural selection to supposedly create a larger variety of organisms.

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