Santana Fossils Support Genesis Flood

If you hitch up your buckboard and travel down Brazil way, head northeast until you reach the Araripe Basin. The Santana formation has bunches of fossils. The critters are very well preserved. Unfortunately, proponents of the deep-time narrative narrative deny the facts.

When confronted with evidence for the Genesis Flood in the Santana fossils, secularists refuse to change their evil ways.
Credit: Flickr / James St. John (CC BY 2.0)
Because the Bearded Buddha needs a passel of time in which to work his particles-to-paleontologist magic, secularists give it to him — even when it means denying sense and science. What is discovered here (and many other places) shows rapid burial of extremely large proportions — it is still more evidence of the Genesis Flood. Kind of makes you want to take one of these Santana fossils, wave it in the face of a secularist and say, "You've got to change your evil ways, baby!" Be smooth about it, though.
The preservation of fine details is what has made Santana so famous. Every time I took a field trip, I especially looked for my favorite fossil, fish. You can see their little bones and their fins as though they had been buried yesterday. More than that, Santana is famous for the sheer quantity of fish, which many scientists admit must have died and been preserved in mass graves by rare catastrophic conditions . . .

To read the full article (or listen to the audio by my favorite reader), it's smooth sailing over to "Santana Fossils — Delighting in the Details".