Human and Chimpanzee Genomes in 3-D Trouble Evolutionists

Using bad science and Darwinian presuppositions, evolutionists in the 1970s stitched together the chimp genome, compared it with the human genome, and declared we were 98% similar. That falsehood lingers despite being refuted. Now 3-D genomes show even greater differences between us.

After the false claim that human and chimp similarity was refuted, more information shows greater differences. 3-D genome research troubles evolution.
Credits: Good Free Photos / Petr Kratochvil, modified at PhotoFunia
Secular scientists lack humility. That's right, I said it! First of all, they deny the masterful work of the Creator and pretend everything happened through atheistic naturalism. Then they learn a few things, pontificate on the secular concept of reality, and collect grant money. When inconvenient information comes to light, they act like being wrong about many things is "exciting". Amazing how they can keep their jobs.

Here, we see that the human genome is further removed from chimpanzees. (I wonder what they'll do when they get serious about studying the four dimensional genome). Keep this information available so you can present it to tinhorns that use outdated propaganda to "prove" fish-to-fool evolution.
All plant and animal genomes studied so far exhibit complex and distinct three-dimensional (3-D) structures in their chromosome configurations depending on the type of cell (e.g., heart, liver, brain, etc.). Given the incredible variability among genome configurations within a single type of creature, let alone that which exists between creatures (e.g., human vs. chimpanzee), this area of evolutionary comparison has been difficult for secular researchers. Now a new study published in Trends in Genetics evaluates research in this emerging field that shows the human 3-D genome is distinctly unique to humans, confirming previous research that showed it is as different compared to chimp as it is to mouse.

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