Origin-of-Life False Positives in Minerals

Despite the frequent falsehood that the origin of life has nothing to do with evolution, Darwin's acolytes continue to seek it. This reveals a strong caution about letting the narrative and presuppositions control what is actually observed. For example, claims of life in Martian meteorites.

Although some evolutionists try to deny it, the origin of life is vital to their mythology. Recent research showed there are false positives in OoL.
Credit: D. McKay (NASA /JSC), K. Thomas-Keprta (Lockheed-Martin),
R. Zare (Stanford), NASA
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The pseudoscience of astrobiology is a blatant attempt to use materialistic philosophies in denying credit for life to our Creator. In addition, there's big money in giving secularists what they want, so rushed announcements accompany incomplete research.

We know that pareidolia is where the mind seeks to make sense of patterns, so we "see" things that are not actually there (like a ghostly face in a mirror). What is it called when votaries of the secular science industry observe things that are nonexistent because they want to see them?

A meteorite was generously supplied to Earth from Mars, and something resembling life was found. Resembling is the key word, because there was no life in it. Some researchers realized they needed to to rein in that runaway stallion because there were false positives. Sure is mighty nice when some folks want to do real science. While they're not endorsing the truth of recent creation, they did produce some interesting results.
Fooled by wishful thinking, some paleontologists call round things microfossils when they were never alive.

The drive to connect the dots of an evolutionary worldview can lead scientists astray. In 1996, NASA held a major press conference that launched the “science” of astrobiology. It was all based on tiny little shapes within a Martian meteorite that certain wishful thinkers interpreted as signs of life that had left traces within the rock. It was shoddy science, and years of more rigorous investigations proved that the alleged “fossils” were abiotic minerals that took on peculiar shapes. The damage was done; we are still stuck with a NASA Astrobiology Institute, perpetuating a science with no bio in it and nothing to show for it (astrobiology – bio = astrology).

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