Evolutionists Monkeying with Brain Size and Intelligence

Believers in atoms-to-apes evolution are still trying to determine why humans are in charge on Earth, so they are dreaming up ideas about why this is so. There are some weird speculations being floated around.

It is said that the brain uses about ten percent of the body's energy all by its lonesome, so purposeless evolution decided to make changes to send wattage upstairs. Our large brains that draw a passel of power makes us better than primates. Sure, Sweetness. Now, where is the empirical evidence for your conclusion? From this, things get sillier.

More evoporn presented to indicate why humans are more intelligent than apes. These silly speculations are not supported by empirical science.
Image credit: MR LIGHTMAN at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Researchers pushing the boundaries of ethics used pluripotent stem cells to grow organoids of human and ape brains. The human organoids quickly grew larger than those of apes. Big deal.

A report says that evolutionary change in cell shape affects brain evolution. Because evolution. Storytelling and conjecture, yes, but empirical science doesn't support the narrative.

These and other reports are found in the link below, but note that Darwin's disciples present evoporn as well as bad science. The big brain correlation with intelligence has long been disproved, so why are these jaspers still using it? Mayhaps for the same reason that Haeckel the jackal's fraudulent drawings haven't quite gone away.

Also, the spiritual aspect is ignored. I'm not talking about apes having church services, but using the word in a broader sense that includes emotions, awareness, and other things that set us apart that are not explained by naturalism. Truth is, we were created separately, in God's image, have the requisite software, and not the product of mindless chance and evolution.

To see the article I've been going on about which includes other evolutionary fake science, swing over to "Brain Evolution Theories Earn Dunce Caps". As a heads-up, I suggest "Brain Development and Faulty Evolutionary Logic".