Zebra Danios and Fake Evolution News

Creationists try to be patient with evolutionary scientists, realizing that they are conditioned to think and work within the atheistic naturalism narrative. Many do not realize there are other ways to think other than what is pleasing to Papa Darwin and the evolution industry. From what we see, however, many are deceitful owlhoots.

With sensationalistic and misleading secular science industry news outlets as well as iniquitous research statements coming at us, the public must be vigilant before accepting reports of evolution. For example, "limb-like structures" in zebra danios.

More evolutionary fake science news. Zebrafish growing legs? Extremely misleading research where induced mutations caused harmful changes to the fish.
Credit: Flickr / Bob Jenkins (CC BY 2.0)
Zebra danios are popular with researchers as well as aquarists —

"I can see the zebra part, Cowboy Bob, but why danios?"

They are from Denmark. Actually, it's a combination of the descriptor and the Latin Danio rerio. Some people of a different stripe skip that name and just go with zebrafish. If their markings didn't demand their moniker, I would suggest something like "zippyfish", because they are active and fast. They generally play well with others.

The assertion attributed to Carl Satan — I mean, Sagan — that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" should be applied to Darwin's votaries. They make a passel of claims about innumerable beneficial mutations giving rise to the lifeforms we see today, but that is not the case. I have posted articles lately about attempts to prove that our alleged ichthyoid ancestors developed feet and the ability to walk. None of these stories give evolutionists a leg to stand on.

Researchers intelligently designed mutations in zebrafish to demonstrate that through time, chance, luck, random processes, and no purpose that fish evolved limbs. Other than the blatant contradiction between their induced mutations and mindless evolution, the research was fake science because they downplayed how there were no actual limb-like structures, and also how the mutations were harmful to the fish.

Some of this research actually echoes what biblical creationists have already known. That is, the Master Engineer front-loaded organisms with genetic information so they could adapt! (See "Purposeful Changes and Engineered Adaptability" and follow the links about engineered adaptability for more information.) Is it just my imagination, or are secularists becoming increasingly desperate to suppress the truth that there is no real evidence for evolution and that evidence for recent creation is abundant?

The evolutionary story requires mutations. According to the story, mutations, selected for by a process of natural selection and random drift, created the diversity of life on earth. According to the theory, the more mutations a species gets, the more diverse it will become over time. There have been some published studies that support this hypothesis. In herring, for example, low mutation rate has been associated with less-than-expected genetic diversity. Others however have found that mutations only have the potential to increase adaptation in groups with low diversity.

To read the full article, see "Fins to Limbs?" By the way, zebrafish are in the minnow family and are from South Asia.