Marine Creature Extinctions and the Genesis Flood

In creation science literature and videos, there are numerous discussions of dinosaurs and other creatures becoming extinct as the direct or indirect result of the Genesis Flood. Some apparently became extinct immediately while others survived longer. Changing conditions on the earth, hunting, and other factors after the Flood contributed to their eventual demise. Seems like we do not hear as much about marine creatures.

In creation science, there is much discussion about  creatures that became extinct because of the Flood. The same applies to marine creatures such as plesiosaurs.
Sure, we know about smaller shallow-water critters, and it seems like anyone who has tried a bite of paleontology can identify a trilobite. There are other creatures that were entirely or mostly marine organisms that seem to have disappeared, immediately or eventually. They, too, were not only caught up in the cataclysmic upheavals of the Flood year, but the underwater world changed a great deal as well.
Were these disappearances caused by mass extinction events as secular scientists have proposed? It doesn’t appear so. These so-called extinctions are actually just the last appearance of a fossil in the rock record. The progressive destruction and burial of pre-Flood biomes likely formed many marine fossils, just like the land animals entombed later. Higher water levels would naturally destroy higher ecological zones and produce distinctive fossils. This was most likely true for the oceans as well. The earliest floodwaters would have buried marine life in the lowest elevations of the shallow seas, like many trilobites and brachiopods. But why don’t we see these same animals alive today?

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