The Painted Desert and Sheet Erosion

A few of the hands from the Darwin Ranch were having a spirited discussion at Ghost Ranch. Foreman Rusty Swingset and his lady friend Jacqueline Hyde organized a kind of working retreat to discuss fossils and geology. Why not, after all the overtime they've been putting in doing propaganda?

They were cogitating on the book Dawn of the Dinosaurs and noticed some mighty curious explanations about the colorful layers of the Painted Desert, petrified trees, and other things. Explanations for the features in the book struck them as dodgy at best.

Petrified Forest NP joins with Painted Desert. One book in the shop tells wild tales that should baffle even secularists. Creationists know better.
Credit: National Park Service / T. Scott Williams
Stories by secularists are also inadequate to explain the petrified trees. (Petrified Forest National Park joins up with the Painted Desert). They are just stumps with no roots. In addition, there is a passel of fossils. These are mixed with creatures of both land and sea, and birds as well. The storytelling is wretchedly inadequate. What we have here is an accumulation of evidence for the Genesis Flood, which is by far the most rational explanation for what is observed.
The Painted Desert stretches across 120 miles of northern Arizona. Its sedimentary rocks show bright orange, gold, white, and even purple layers. . . . Amidst this desert lies Petrified Forest National Park, named after its famed stone tree trunks. Here, sands and muds covered both strange and common creatures. Fossils include armored reptiles like aetosaurs, agile dinosaurs like Revueltosaurus, and clams.

What happened on the earth to trap these animals and plants in single layers of sediment that sprawl from Idaho to Texas? Some explanations fit these facts better than others.

To read the rest, click on "The Painted Desert: Fossils in Flooded Mud Flats". Perhaps we can send the author to the Painted Desert in South Australia sometime...