Stupid Evolution Tricks with Radiation and Mutations

After Darwin's idea of evolution through natural selection grew in popularity, it began to fade in the early twentieth century. Katie, bar the door! Gotta keep that ancient pagan philosophy dressed up in a lab coat going so there is an excuse for denying the truth of the Creator! The science of genetics, pioneered by Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him) was added, yielding neo-Darwinism.

Skipping forward several years, the effects of radiation and mutations were also incorporated into the naturalistic monstrosity. Scientists seemed to have had a grand time researching radiation, but it did not go well.

Darwinists thought that they could speed up evolution through doses of radiation. Mutations are mostly harmful, and there is genetic entropy.
Artificially mutated from an illustration by Sidney Paget, 1895
The pagan nature of evolutionism was once again revealed, giving Darwin's version of natural selection the ability to make choices and decide from the mutation buffet which traits to use. They even thought that by subjecting living things to X-rays, forcing and accelerating mutations would make wonderful things happen.

It doesn't work that way, old son. Mutations are overwhelmingly harmful, and they accumulate. Those that are neutral also add up, becoming problematic down the line. The few that can be considered beneficial — well, that's a subjective interpretation. Fact is, everything is devolving. Downward. Genetic entropy is a primary refuter of evolutionary thinking and deep time, and is also positive evidence for recent special creation.
The history of the mutation theory as the foundation of the source of new genetic information is reviewed. The importance of mutations as the source of genetic change for evolution was thought to be so great that the 1946 Nobel Prize was presented to H. J. Muller for this discovery. Although still regarded as the bedrock of evolution, the experimental evidence has documented that significant genetic degeneration is caused by radiation. It is, consequently, not a significant source of the new variety that is critical to provide the variation necessary for Darwinian evolution to function. Falsifying the conclusion that mutations produce new genetic variety falsifies the core of evolution theory. . . .

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