Giraffe Genome Unhelpful to Evolution

It seems that anyone who has seen pictures of nature knows about the giraffe, what with the spots, iconic neck, and those knobby things on their heads. They may look cute, but their kicks can kill lions. Those necks are heavy and muscular, and they use them for fighting each other. Best keep your distance.

Of course, the long neck is the giraffe's most famous feature. Lamarck told a just-so story that involved giraffes stretching for food up high, then this was passed on to succeeding generations. (For some reason, this technique never worked for other critters.) Then Charles Darwin made the long neck origin story better because he was the wisest and most brilliant scientist who ever lived.

Evolutionists like Lamarck and Darwin told stories about how the giraffe got its long neck. Studying genetics makes things worse for evolutionists.
Credit: Freeimages / Leslie van Veenhuyzen
Neither Lamarck nor the Bearded Buddha gave satisfactory answers, and even raised other questions by their speculations that could not be sufficiently answered. Darwin's disciples try to tell us that giraffes have seven neck vertebrae, so do other mammals, therefore, evolution. Actually, therefore, more deception for evolution by its fanatical cultists.

What about genetics? The science pioneered by Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him) should be able to determine why the long neck, the big heart, the way it can move its head around without blood pressure causing it to self-destruct — no. Scientists did not give the Creator his due, and stuck to the naturalism narrative despite having plausible mechanisms for evolution.
The suite of adaptations associated with the extreme stature of the giraffe has long interested biologists and physiologists. By generating a high-quality chromosome-level giraffe genome and a comprehensive comparison with other ruminant genomes, we identified a robust catalog of giraffe-specific mutations. These are primarily related to cardiovascular, bone growth, vision, hearing, and circadian functions.

What? No genes directly accounting for long necks?

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