Fossil Leaves Problematic for Secular Scientists

We have seen many times that deep-time geology and universal common descent evolution have many serious challenges, but people still choose to believe them anyway. Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ patrol teh interwebs to screech at biblical creationists and throw propaganda links at us, telling us that everything is fine for evolution. Not hardly!

It was bad enough for the hands at the Darwin Ranch to come up with rescuing devices for dinosaur soft tissues, DNA, and such. Now they have to contend with leaves of all things.

Dinosaur soft tissues and DNA are hard enough to evosplain away. Now they have similar situations with leaves! Evidence keeps pointing to the Flood.
Fossil leaves image credits:
Original at Flickr / Bonnie Kirkwood (CC BY 2.0), modified at PhotoFunia
If you head out Idaho way and take the last train to Clarkia (actually, find Moscow and head northeast), you can visit the fossil beds and even dig some up for yourself (see some excellent pictures at this link). This is actually exciting news for biblical creationists because, like dinosaur soft tissues, these leaves refute deep time up one side and down the other. They also testify of the Genesis Flood.

Does your fossil pass the sniff test? That is, if you pick up a fossil, it's probably permineralized (rock), and smells like a piece of rock. People who go on dinosaur bone digs report smelling dead things, not rocks, and the word fossil is used more loosely because many dinosaur fossils are not rock solid. In the same way, leaf fossils in shale smell like leaves, not rocks.

Not only do the leaves at Clarkia have an aroma, there are many other factors that defy evolutionary deep-time dogma. Just as dinosaur DNA adds to the problems soft tissues present to secularists, there is DNA in the leaves. If those millions of years were real, there could be no DNA detected. Similarly,  plants under the ice in Greenland are also difficult for secularists to explain.

It gets worse for evolutionists from there. Although I'm going to take 1 Corinthians 1:27 out of context a mite, Paul wrote that God uses foolish things to shame the wise. While the context is about the wisdom of God and how humans who think they are wise laugh at God's work, little things can make a difference. The evidence cannot be evosplained away with the scientific principle of Making Things Up™, old son. The evidence is clear that the world was created recently, and the Genesis Flood happened just a few thousand years ago.
Are these leaves really 16 million years old? They retain color, odor, and even DNA. Bruce Malone shares a remarkable find. 

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In his winter 2021 newsletter, Malone tells his readers about a little-known fossil bed on private land 40 miles northeast of Moscow, Idaho. The Clarkia Fossil Bed was discovered by accident in 1972 when the landowner was clearing land for trails. 

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How old would an unbiased observer say these leaves are? Evolutionists call them “Miocene” deposits, dating them at 16 million Darwin Years old. To show how that is preposterous, Malone helps readers think through the evidence in their search for the truth about the Clarkia fossils:

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