Scrying for Evidence of Human Evolution

Over yonder past Stinking Lake is Deception Pass, and just a mite further the Darwin Ranch. The hands were all excited over their big review. This is not the typical annual review to see if someone has been doing the work and should get a decent pay raise. Instead, it is much bigger because they are being evaluated on not only propaganda, but substantial evidence to convince thinking people about human evolution. They have had over 160 years to prove Papa Darwin right.

Darwin acted on faith, not science, that there would be evidence for his ideas. Over 160 years later, evolutionists admit that evidence is lacking.
Modified from an image provided by Why?Outreach
Quite a bit of news has crossed the radar of The Question Evolution Project, so we've been busy featuring articles that expose the propaganda, logical fallacies, incomplete science, blatant dishonesty, and more. Why do they need deception and bad science if there are "mountains of evidence" for evolution? Ask them.

Science is supposed to be testable and empirical. Chuck's dream was based on speculations and faith. Indeed, blind faith! He knew there was no evidence, but touted his hypothesis and sold the world a bill of goods that not only had insufficient evidence, but everyone knew that it was lacking. 

F'rinstance, Darwin hoped the fossil record would one day provide evidence that he needed. That's evolution of the gaps, Hoss, not science. Since then, things have only become worse for those who seek to use the secular science industry to pretend that the Creator is unnecessary or nonexistent.

By the way, claims that it is "settled science", "evolution is a fact", and other assertions come mostly from Darwin's uninformed cheerleaders. Knowledgeable evolutionary scientists admit that things are not progressing for them.

In 1997, the Institute for Creation Research ran an Acts & Facts article on the lack of compelling evidence regarding our supposed evolution from ape-like ancestors. Years have passed, and it’s time to see how the case for human evolution has fared since then.

It turns out, not so well. To begin with, secular publications are refreshingly blunt: “The past 15 years have called into question every assumption about who we are and where we came from. Turns out, our evolution is more baffling than we thought.” Another article admitted, “Because fossils are so scarce, researchers do not know what the last common ancestors of living apes and humans looked like or where they originated.”

You can read the rest by swinging over to "Does Recent Research Support Human Evolution?" Oh, and the big review? They'll still get paid for having no results. Great work when you can get it. ADDENDUM: A few days after this was released, an article by the ID folks at the Discovery Institute posted something that ties in rather well: "Scientists Conclude: Human Origins Research Is a Big Mess".