Still No Evidence that Bones Evolved

Believers in universal common ancestor evolution tell us that many years ago, life arose from minerals through random processes. Simple cells formed and everything became more complex through evolution. Today, we have ostriches, otters, and osteopaths among the many life forms existing today. Modern man has deemed the Creator irrelevant or nonexistent.

In their paradigm, earlier life forms should be simpler, but scientist are constantly surprised to find specified complexities "earlier than thought". Well, earlier than they thought, but that is based on presuppositions of purposeless evolution over alleged billions of years. Biblical creationists are continually vindicated by science. Pick some bones, for example.

Scientists used new technology to study bones in fossil fish that were separated in the fossil record. They found complexity, but no bone evolution.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Nobu Tamura (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Bones may appear simple to the average person, but they are complicated structures that clearly indicate the work of the Master Engineer. There are cells needed to make bones, and they have a great deal of work to do. Those cells are not simple by any means.

Researchers thought it would be a mighty swell notion to use new technology and compare two bony fish that are widely separated according to evolutionary dogma. What did they find? Complexity. Also, they did not find any evidence for bone evolution. Keep on looking in the wrong places and you'll keep getting surprised that reality does not comport to your presuppositions. Savvy?
Bones are made of minerals built and maintained by cells. Bone osteocyte cells serve numerous roles in the vertebrate body, including bone remodeling to renew and repair bone, mechanical sensation, and mineral homeostasis. The problem for evolution is, while the “developmental relationships of the four cell types (osteoprogenitor, osteoblasts, osteocytes, and osteoclasts) in modern bone are well known, very little is known about the evolutionary origins of these cells.”

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