That Pesky Carboniferous Explosion!

Biblical creationists make use of the Cambrian explosion, where many different kinds of critters suddenly appeared in the layer of that name without transitional forms. Those who believe in particles-to-paleontologist evolution try to evosplain it away, but rely on assumptions rooted in maybes. 

Moving up a few layers a few million Darwin years and we find the Carboniferous layers. This, too, had its own kind of explosion. Fossils of different kinds of creatures were found as well as ferns and seed plants. Origins and relationships of certain amphibians are sources of contention among evolutionists.

The Cambrian explosion is known for being problematic for evolutionists. So is the Carboniferous explosion. Its fossils contradict the narrative.
Westlothiana lizziae (background modified) image credit:
Wikimedia Commons / Nobu Tamura (CC BY 3.0)
Mayday! Mayday! Another theory crash in the making!

Darwinists need amphibians as transitions from ocean creatures to our supposed land-dwelling ancestors, but observed evidences despise the narrative. There are no undisputed transitional forms, and modern counterparts of fossilized forms exist today with no appreciable changes. There are also things found that don't belong there according to the story. Yet again, what is seen gives mute testimony to the Genesis Flood and recent creation, and the Bearded Buddha's imaginings are refuted.
As I showed in several previous articles, this whole claimed fish-to-tetrapod transition is absent in the fossil record. Nevertheless, it is taught that after arriving on land, these ancient hypothetical amphibians diversified and became the dominant land creatures during the Carboniferous and Permian periods but were later displaced by reptiles and other vertebrates. Then, as the story goes, over millions of years amphibians became smaller and decreased in their diversity.

The problem with this amphibian evolutionary story is that extinct amphibian-like creatures appear suddenly and already diversified in the Carboniferous layers, while the three major groups of living amphibians appear suddenly without prior ancestors in the Jurassic.

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