Questions about Chicxulub and Dinosaur Extinction

Devotees of Darwin and deep time often act like the Chicxulub impact was the only cause of dinosaur extinction, but they are expressing the most common view and ignoring (or are unaware of) other ideas in the secular science industry — the majority view is not a guarantee of truth. In addition, there are several problems with hot Chicx that have been brought to light.

It is not surprising that Christians and creationists want to know if and how the Chicxulub event contributed to dinosaur extinction.

Many (not all) secularists think the Chicxulub hit caused dinosaur extinction. It has several problems. Creationists think it may be a Flood impact.
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Indeed, where does it fit with Genesis Flood models? Like their secular counterparts, creation scientists have various models and theories. When it comes to not only ancient history and forensic science, but how the Flood affected plate tectonics, climate change, landforms, the Ice Age, and more — theories are going to conflict. For example, see the highly technical discussion in "Flood impacts reinforce volcanic cooling to start the Ice Age", and try to explain it to me. But for now, let's move on to the less technical article at hand.
Mr R.R. from Wisconsin asks about a topic that has baffled both creationists and evolutionists for about 200 years: the extinction of the dinosaurs. The common evolutionary view of a meteorite impact was once considered outlandish, but now it’s considered outlandish to doubt it.

The biblical creationist view must involve the global Flood of Noah’s day. Because dinosaurs were land vertebrates, two of every kind must have been passengers. So why are they extinct now?

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