The Religious Intolerance of Evolutionism

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

We have seen many times that not only are atheists very religious, but evolutionism is also religious in nature. Obviously, people will object to both of those facts because atheism has no deity, and evolution is "science.

Atheists are frequently disingenuous. One glaring example is their redefinition of atheism as "lack of belief" instead of "believes there is no God or gods". They conveniently neglect definitions of religion that do not involve organized worship services or a deity. Secular humanism is a deity-free religion as well, and evolution is an ancient pagan religion that Charles Darwin gussied up in a lab coat. 

The religious nature of both evolutionism and atheism are shown when adherents become furious when people who think for themselves question evolution.
Image credit before modification: Unsplash / Kimberly Lake
The idealized form of science is very different from reality. Science should be sharpened through challenges and thinking beyond the consensus, and different ideas should be evaluated. If a theory or hypothesis turns rancid, it should be thrown away instead of cherished.

In discussions of origins, believers in universal common ancestor evolution frequently insist that evolution is science, then they demonize people who question evolution (and those who support actual freedom of speech and thought with Question Evolution Day) as "science deniers". That attitude is not conducive to science itself. Instead, it is an attitude of fundamentalist evolutionism where adherents are intolerant of other views. The attitude is closely related to scientism.

I happened across this post by Dr. Sarfati on Twitter. Whether he was discussing science or political views, I don't know. It fits this discussion, however:

Village atheists and evolutionists get on the prod when their wisdom is questioned, but their wisdom is foolishness before God (1 Cor. 1:20-21, 1 Cor. 3:19-20, Rom. 11:33, James 3:15-17, Psalm 14:1, Prov. 1:7). I prefer to please God rather than his enemies, don't you?

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There have also been statements along the lines of, "Evolution is questioned every day, and it only gets stronger." This is an incorrect assertion showing ignorance of numerous reports from Darwin's disciples who admit that it has serious problems. Also, atoms-to-atheist evolution is presupposed, then scientists work from there. Most on record do not express doubt that it happened in the first place.

Here is an example of an ornery cuss snorting about a post by The Question Evolution Project. He was commenting on a Page that attacks Christians and creationists. In this case, they (as usual) misrepresented a post. He tried to slap leather with me. It did not go well, so we'll take a look-see at the content below this here screenshot:

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This tinhorn states, "TQEP is constantly being educated & corrected by rational folk." Right out of the gate, we have a genetic fallacy where atheists are "rational" because they are atheists, and Christians — especially creationists — are not rational. As for how we are "educated & corrected", ad hominem attacks, straw men, ridicule are not valid educational tools. He needs to learn what denotes rational behavior.

"Only science & the fact & scientific theory of evolution can debunk science & the fact & scientific theory of evolution."


By what standard? Who made that clump of humbug into law? Is evolution a fact or a theory? Actually, when you come across insistence that "evolution is a fact", it is not coming from someone who is knowledgeable about science (or is deceptive, that happens a lot), because science does not prove anything! His lack of knowledge of science itself is obvious when he says "theory & fact", because he is at odds with other evolutionists, and it cannot be both.

Good Shawn also tried to demonstrate the tribalistic club of evolutionism, where only card-carrying members in good standing can "debunk science" (a remark that's too vacuous to examine in detail). He would be accepted by evofascist overlords that protect the narrative from scrutiny, telling people to simply accept what evolutionary scientists say. Come to think of it, that's happening as we speak in the formerly United States.

"Religious beliefs are not facts nor are they scientific & they can't prove or debunk anything." Non sequitur and straw man. His religious, unscientific views of evolution and science cannot prove or debunk "religion".

"At least you're keeping us rational folk busy defending reality from delusional religious nut bars like yourself." Sweeping generalization and ad hominem. So far, I have seen nothing rational from all of my interactions with the good Shaun. Also, people like this presuppose "reality" is atheistic naturalism. This remark has no scientific basis, but is nonetheless taken by faith three times a day with a tall glass of dihydrogen monoxide.

"Let me know when you have evidence of the supernatural so you can have credibility on your side instead of just relying on pseudo science... religious faith that does nothing & reality denying religious beliefs that you wish were true. 😉" Now Shawnie added the appeal to motive fallacy, but his bigoted diatribe is rather boring chin music now. These people have yet to actually address anything that creationists present, preferring ridicule and laughing-at-you emojis. Indeed, they are intolerant misotheists. Also, the usual tactic has come into play again: change the subject and attack.

As seen on Twitter several years ago.
I am once again asking why, if evolution were true, atheists and evolutionists use faulty science research, protect evolution from question, intimidate, suppress discussion, blackball creation science, and need to lie? Let it stand on its own merits. This child believes that bad science must be evosplained away to protect the narrative.

These people know that God exists and suppress the truth (Rom. 1:18-23). When deep-time and evolutionary interpretations are stripped away and the evidence is examined honestly, it shows the Genesis Flood and recent creation. They need to humble themselves, surrender, and repent before the Creator and Redeemer. If the don't do it now, they'll do it later — whether they like it or not.