Evolutionary Thinking Unwanted in Medical Science

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

This is a different kind of article because it begins with a personal story. Although video recorders and cameras are ubiquitous, I think I escaped humiliation on social(ist) media. So I will humiliate myself by presenting a mental image.

After doing some errands on the morning of May 17, I returned home and was not paying attention crossing the street. One foot on the curb, fine. For some reason, I did not clear the other foot and had a big fall in the spring.

A personal story sharing a laugh at my expense, then some links to material emphasizing that evolutionary thinking has no place in medical science.
Credits: Freeimages / Kurhan, modified with FotoSketcher
While holding the mail in one hand and a small bag with my purchases in the other, I attempted to keep my balance with some very long steps. It did not go well. I smacked into the ground and a glancing blow into a shrubbery.

"Did it knock some sense into you, Cowboy Bob?"

No, I didn't hit my head.

Coming down the stairs of the entrance to the apartment building were two people. They were asking me if I was all right, needed to be taken somewhere, assistance getting into my apartment, and so on. Then my nose started bleeding. One of them went to their car and got some napkins for me (brown ones from a fast-food place). These people were not dressed like everyone else that travels these parts; they were wearing what looked like black bulletproof vests. I was trying to read what was on them, but their jackets were in the way. Sure did look like DEA, though, and said yes when I asked if they were police.

Interesting that Pothead Polly next door hasn't been stinking up the place and the car that delivers to her hasn't been around. Although the stuff is legal in New York in small amounts, obtaining it is pretty much illegal right now.

After I got into the apartment, I stood by the patio door and waved at the officers as they drove away in their unmarked car. But my knee was burning. It was swollen, and it was the same knee that needed surgery (fractured patella) several years ago.

I drove to the local urgent care facility, which has done good work for my wife and me in the past. (On the way, I felt my elbow and realized that it was also swollen.) While waiting, the nosebleed started again, a little — which is inconvenient when wearing the obligatory face mask. I stuffed facial tissues under it.

The nurse and then the PA-C that examined me were working quickly because there were other people waiting, but still kind and efficient. X-Rays were taken, indicated that I had rather severe bruising, but nothing serious. The previous knee injury's repair was not affected.

Taken about 46 hours after the incident. She was right, looks worse before it gets better.
Here's something that kind of rattled me. The PA remembered my nosebleed and did some examination up the nostril. It looked scratched, and she deduced that when I landed in the shrub, one of the small branches went onward and upward, causing the bleed. (It took hours before all the blood-encrusted booger bullets were gone.) What was unsettling is that it could have been my eye. Providentially, I was wearing my glasses, so mayhaps they deflected a branch.

The good times kept on a-rollin'. Three and a half days later, I noticed my left foot was swollen. That was alarming because it may indicate a blood clot, so my wife drove me back to the facility. The MD that checked it out said a clot was unlikely, but recommended a Doppler examination. He didn't write a prescription, though, and said I could get in touch with my regular provider or go to the local emergency room because they didn't have the equipment. In addition, he gave me an exercise (that may not be the right word) where I slowly raise and lower the foot, pivoting on the ankle. I liken it to working the gas pedal in the car.

So I did. Although a big company, I've had good care with them. I discussed what was going on with my doctor's main nurse, and we had a useful and pleasant discussion. She was going to show my records from the other facility to my doctor, and using information from my discussion, would see if I needed to go to the emergency room for the Doppler ultrasound. Later, she called back and said to keep it elevated, use ice, watch for increased pain and swelling, and so on. Then in a few days, reevaluate whether or not I am at risk for a blood clot. If things get bad, go to the ER pronto. Don't want a deep-vein thrombosis.

What I'm doing now is writing a bit, going away to do ice and elevate, then coming back. Like right now.

I'm back. 

Let's stop riding that personal story trail and commence to riding the one that leads to the main reason for this here article, and so y'all won't think the title was false advertising.

Evolution was not involved. Although the secular science industry is foolishly trying to inject evolutionary thinking into viruses, these medical professionals are interested in operational science, not historical science. Darwinian thinking has actually been harmful to medical science, which is ironic because doctors find evolution irrelevant to their work!

Fundamentalist evolutionists insist that if people doubt or reject evolution, then they reject science itself — which is a question-begging epithet, not something based in logic. (Sure, I'm a "science denier" seeking advanced medical care. Makes perfect sense.) A creation approach makes much more sense. In addition, the importance of evolutionary thinking to the practical sciences is emphasized by propagandists, but discarded by those who actually do the work. Yippie ky yay, secularists!

Uh oh. The afternoon of May 22, my wife noticed my foot while I was elevating and putting on the ice pack. Maybe I'll have the nurse and doctor look at this article. Hope they get a kick out of it.