Evil People Trying to Prove Evolution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

The content of this post (and especially in the featured article below) is both important and disturbing, so be forewarned on both counts. People want to believe they are special, and the Nazis used evolutionism, bad science, and propaganda to "prove" the Aryan "race" was superior.

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An honest examination of evolutionary thinking reveals that it has spawned many evils, including:
As we have seen many times, many adherents of the Darwin Death Cult® are not driven by evidence, but instead are trying to promote the atheistic naturalism narrative. (If evolutionists were indeed following the evidence, they would all be biblical creationists! It is a spiritual matter, old son, and not so much about properly using science.) They presuppose evolution as an axiom and then build from that. Evolutionists allow each other to question how something allegedly evolved, but to question evolution itself is streng verboten.

The interpretations of evidence for evolution is tendentious. We see quite often that Darwinists are seeking to have their biases confirmed. Data is selected, and unpleasant facts are ignored or downplayed.

Hitler used the Aryan "race" myth. Like other Darwin enthusiasts, Nazis did not examine evidence for this alleged Aryan race, but instead the they sought confirmation bias. Since Jews were considered inferior, they used selective citing (including the ever-popular fallacy of suppressed evidence) and confirmation bias. That is, tenuous or even imagined support for Aryan superiority and the inferiority of Jews and other ethnic groups was falsely supported.

The Nazis also dehumanized the Jews. This is a popular tactic, and we see it happening with atheists attempting to dehumanize Christians and creationists, and leftists are doing it to those who do not vote, speak, and even think the way they prefer — which is happening while you're reading this. Learn from history, people!

The next part of this will be hard to read — it is difficult for me to write.

Scientists supporting Nazism were making museums of Jewish skeletons because they considered Jewish people inferior to Aryans. Victims were selected because they fit Nazi beliefs based on arbitrary assertions of physical characteristics. (Again, we often see this nonsense in evolutionary "evidence".) They ignored the fact that all humans, including Jews, have diverse physical characteristics. Their victims were murdered so their bodies and some organs could be displayed in revolting "I told you so!" propaganda.

Although there were Jews in Germany who had scientific prestige, the political and manufactured moral sentiments went against them, and they were betrayed — even by people who formerly admired them. Since this evidence of intellectual capabilities did not fit their views, Nazis moved the goalposts (as do many evolutionists today) by saying that Jews were morally and physically inferior. This kind of racism existed even before Darwin, who did not invent evolutionary ideas, he used those already in existence, plagiarized, and hijacked natural selection for his own ends.

The wicked researchers showed no remorse for their crimes at their trials. All 86 victims for the murderous evolutionary proof project were identified and memorialized.

Those of us who know and believe the Bible realize that while there are ethnic groups and the Master Engineer designed us to have diversity, there is only one race. I'll allow that while this Nazi project is an extreme example, it is still an example of human depravity. It also reveals how fake science and bad logic can be used to confirm evil presuppositions. Our Creator is the one who makes the rules, and we are responsible to him. All will stand before him and confess that Jesus is Lord.
This is a review of the history of an attempt to prove Jewish racial inferiority by selecting Jews who fit the racial stereotype, then murdering them, and processing the bodies for display in a German university museum. In the end, the researchers were unable to find any evidence of Jewish racial inferiority as predicted by the anthropology and medical academic community of the time. The cost in terms of lives and suffering included over 100 innocent people who were murdered to prove a theory that turned out to be not only wrong but based on an erroneous secular philosophy, namely Darwinism. This display was one result of the rejection of the Genesis account that teaches all men are descendants of our first parents, Adam and Eve; thus all humans are of one race (the human race) and one kind (mankind).

To read the rest, brace yourselves and see "The Failed Attempt to Prove Jewish Inferiority by a Skeleton Collection". It is useful and informative, but also unpleasant. ADDENDUM: Angry atheists were angry atheists. Some attacked this piece, so I used their "logic" in a satirical response, "Breaking News — Facebook Atheists Confess Nazism".