Secular Religious Indoctrination: Two Standards, No Waiting

When people who believe in creation want to teach their children, secularists chant in Vox Robotica, "That is indoctrination. We educate. Believe". Of course, secular institutions of alleged learning have children many hours a day, days a week, weeks a year. They indoctrinate in the atheistic state religion.

Secular humanists object to private schools teaching what they call religion, but they hypocritically force their own religious views in schools.
School Teacher by Jan Steen, 1668

Secular humanism is a worldview that exalts humanity above all else, and its foundation is philosophical naturalism. Essentially, it is the religion of atheism in a masque.

"But Cowboy Bob, there are religious people that have signed the Humanist Manifesto things!"

Yes there are. There are also those who mounted up and rode with Michael Zimmerman's anti-creationist "Clergy Letter Project", and some groups for the separation of church and state (the kind where anything Christian is to be kept out of public life). However, you are unlikely to find Bible-believing Christians among the groups. Also, these inhuman humanists have published many atheistic, anti-Christian, and anti-creationist items, but objections to those from alleged theists are conspicuously absent.

Atheists are famous for their efforts to silence anyone who speaks (or even thinks) against fish-to-fool evolutionism (see "Evolutionists Stoking the Fires of Censorship Again"). It seems reasonable that humanists would support free speech and free thought for the sake of science and reason, but these things are not happening. There are numerous instances where creationists as well as Intelligent Design proponents have lost their jobs because of their views, one example is "Cancel Culture in Science".

This kind of thing is not just in the formerly United States, nor is it confined to the public sector. They are not concerned with "religion" so much as they are pushing their religious views. The hypocrisy of these so-called humanists is stunning. Let's take a look-see at the religious principles that secularists are using to indoctrinate children.

Following reports of government action against a Jewish private school in the UK, Stephen Evans, chief executive of the UK’s National Secular Society (NSS), was quoted as saying, “Schools that teach creationism as science are prioritising religious indoctrination above the educational rights of the children they teach.”

Following is an open letter to Mr Evans.

Dear Mr Evans,

To read the rest of this extremely informative article/letter, see "Indoctrinating children — Can’t teach creationism because it is ‘religious indoctrination’? Then stop teaching the big bang and evolution for the same reason!"