Born to Rewild

When you hear of New York, do you think of that big city, full of buildings, crime, tightly-packed people, and all that good stuff? Somehow, everything north of the center of the universe and Westchester County is "Upstate New York." We have a whole whack of dedicated nature areas.

For example, Catskill Park is a huge area that is set apart to keep human activity to a minimum, and the Catskill Center outfit keeps watch over several places. That is just in my neck of the woods at the "foothills of the Catskills." There is much more really upstate, including state parks and such.

Some environmentalists want rewilding to make nature areas completely uncontrolled, even with predators.
A bit of nature at Esopus Park Trail, Unsplash / Cowboy Bob Sorensen
Don't disunderstand me, this doesn't make New York special! Many regions around the world are set aside for nature and environmental concerns. But for some people, that is not enough. There are extremists who want to rewild. That includes bringing in predators to roam free, and some wanting to include an exorbitant religion of vegetarianism for humans. There could be a Jurassic World-type situation of dinosaurs were made.

The whole concept is rooted in evolutionism, but like so many extreme environmental ideas, it is inconsistent. Study on it. By their thinking, we climbed to the top of the heap to be the crowning glory of universal common descent evolution, so we can continue to do what we did to get here. No, some of those sidewinders think that humans are intruders on Earth and should be culled or even eliminated. Would they be consistent in a retooled dinosaur scenario? None of those would be original material, so they should be culled or eliminated, too.

Biblical creationists believe what the Bible teaches about the dominion mandate, where we are to subdue the earth but also to be stewards, not exploiters. Feral environmentalists essentially say we're wrong or even lying, and raise their rude appendages toward God's face. Despite what blasphemers and liars say, a truly Bible-based environmental dominion approach is the best, and is the most internally consistent.

A number of environmentalists have called for the rewilding of the countryside, which includes a substantial percentage of productive farmland. Their desire is to reintroduce larger predatory mammals to the land, to let forests grow uncontrolled, and restrict farming. Along with this are calls for human beings to use alternative foods made of bacteria, insects or fungi. In this regard, there is a rejection of the biblical dominion mandate, and instead they hold to one based upon a different foundational commitment, namely a form of naturalism.

This elitist ‘green utopianism’ would change our understanding of the role that people play in the world; it would diminish human rights, and the quality of life for the majority. Environmentalist, author and political activist George Monbiot writes as follows:

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