Miracles and Magic in Whale Cranium Evolution

It is said that one of the best examples of evolution is the whale story, which makes Darwin smile and his disciples light prayer candles in celebration. Except that it is not all that impressive, relying more on imagination than reality. If evolution were true, would they need to use tall tales and deception to keep it breathing?

This kind of stuff is rampant. As regular readers have seen, evolutionists use faulty reasoning and bad science to manipulate people into believing their worldview. A new paper evosplains whale craniums.

Stories of whale evolution are said to be definitive, but lack data. There is more magic than evidence in a recent paper on whale cranial evolution.
Humpback whale breaching, NOAA (usage does not imply endorsement of site contents)
Remember, any evolutionary change requires a multitude of gradual changes over long periods of time. There should be evidence to back up their claims. It's not happening, old son. Tales are told with miracles and magic going every which way, omitting important considerations, little to no evidence —then appealing to clades. Those are generally the products of the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™.
If you build it, they will come: but only by choice and design. Evolutionists have a weird conception of nature. They think that the environment fills itself with art and engineering. Simply providing an opportunity for Darwinism to act ensures it will act. No intelligence allowed: give natural selection a homestead, and it will build a city. Watch them think this way about whale skulls.

You really should read the rest and be amazed and what passes for empirical science nowadays. To venture forth, see "Skull Duggery in Whale Evolution."