Social Sciences Promoting Darwinism and the Left

It should be obvious that the public has a right to expect scientists to act like scientists: using logic, presenting evidence, being useful, and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, we see researchers ignoring logic, torturing evidence until it seems to support their claims, being elitists, and supporting leftist political views.

This is even more evident with the so-called social sciences (for example, see "Freedom and Evolutionary Psychology"). It is debatable if those things can legitimately be called sciences, since they only have a modicum of the requirements of the others.

The public has a right to expect evidence and logic. There is debate that the social sciences are really science, but they use less logic and evidence in their Darwin dumpster fire than other sciences.
Darwin trash dumpster fire, Flickr / Cowboy Bob Sorensen (CC BY-NC 2.0)
One of the unscientific reports recently presented could easily fall under the leftist "Men are Bad" heading. Boys and men build up muscle, so they will have violent behaviors. Well, forget nature, then (as well as their own evolutionary myths). Also, define "violence" because those of us who use our think bones know that words can be redefined. (F'rinstance, if a father spanks a toddler on the backside with a house slipper, some lowlifes call that "child abuse" — which is not only a lie, but detracts from the real meaning of child abuse.) The paper had a passel of fallacies, some of which make it a dumpster fire. But it supports Darwin and leftism, so that makes it okay.

Joe "Are You My Nurse?" Biden had called the shootings in Buffalo, New York the acts of a racist, so his remarks were supported by the leftist social(ist) science bureau. In reality, the shooter was demented and heavily influenced by evolutionary philosophies. The article was not something that a thinking or moral person should reference, let alone, to write.

In a bizarre twist of evolutionary survival of the fittest and tribal myths, humans supposedly evolved the trait of showing our stress so we can get sympathy or be more likeable to others. What happened to the weak being expelled and only the strong survive? Q told James Bond in The World is not Enough, "Never let them see you bleed." Perfect for the spy business, I suppose, but it also fits evolutionary thinking. Christians are to act selfless and help others, not to be selfish. No, we were created as men and women and have our roles to fulfill. Darwin, James Bond, and Charles Darwin need not apply. Fake science and politicians cannot override the truth and successfully defy the Creator.

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