Polaris and the Flat Earth

As a biblical creationist, this child has challenged atheists and evolutionists about why they feel compelled to convert us to their worldviews. After all, they could simply go about their business, quietly snickering to themselves. Using that principle, why bother to refute Flat Earthers?

Ironically, atheopaths often use an ad hominem such as, "You doubt evolution? Betcha think the earth is flat, too!" (The president of the Flat Earth Society is an evolutionist and believes in global warming.) More importantly, some professing Christians believe Flat Earth propaganda, and twist Bible verses so they can pretend to be superior to the rest of us.

Claims were made that the North Star is proof that Earth is flat. These are easily debunked, though Flat Earthers, like evolutionists, do not listen.
Polaris time exposure, Unsplash / Javier Esteban
Many articles refuting Flat Earthism are listed here, several of which are by the author of the article featured below. This time, claims that Polaris, the North Star, are refuted. The first one is based on perspective, not science: that the star does not move. This is easily refuted with the proper equipment, and Dr. Faulkner has done so.

Second, the claim that Polaris has always been the Pole Star is eviscerated. This part gets into astronomical lingo, but people who lack knowledge in the subject can still get the gist of it. It involves the precession of the earth. If you've ever used a gyroscope or spun a top, the tops of those things show precession. Imagine them drawing in the air, they would make a cone shape. Earth has precession, but it is very slow. It can be demonstrated that Polaris was not the pole star thousands of years ago, and the ancients knew about precession.

Interesting how Flat Earthers will use ad hoc rescuing devices, such as claiming ancient sources from celestial observers of the past were faked much more recently. It's like a knowledgeable creationist dealing with evolutionists who don't know their own stories.

Flat-earthers make two false claims about Polaris (a.k.a. the North Star, a.k.a. Alpha Ursae Minoris). One of these false claims is that Polaris remains motionless in the sky as all other stars circle it. That is the impression one gets by watching the sky over several hours. Even long exposure photographs and time-lapse videos seem to show this too. However, appearances can be deceiving.

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