The Mostly-Complete Fossil Record

Dreadful reasoning under the pretense of science is not a new phenomenon, having been a problem for many years. A glaring example that is often overlooked is how when the Bearded Buddha wrote Origin of Species, he presented his theory and admitted that fossil evidence did not support it. He did not admit that his conjectures were wrong. He blamed the fossil record. In addition, his disciples continued to have faith that evidence would be found. That is the opposite of science, old son.

Darwin blamed the fossil record for problems in his theory, saying it is incomplete. Actually, it is complete and supports the Genesis Flood.
The Fossil Record, made at PhotoFunia using a photo by Alejandro Quintanar at Pexels
The owlhoots who believe in the General Theory of Evolution are working from their worldview to interpret data. Fine, everyone does that. But they have a tendency to try and force the data into their paradigm and blame the fossil record for being "incomplete" when their speculations fall flat. It's not working, Wilberforce.

Some evolutionists are willing to play the cards they've been dealt to some extent and admit that the fossil record is as complete as it's going to get. The biblical creation science worldview affirms that it is complete, but we maintain that it testifies to the global catastrophe of the Genesis Flood. Unfortunately, most secular scientists are married to their naturalistic presuppositions.

Scientists have had more than 160 more years to collect fossils. Evolution should be obvious within the fossil record by now. Steven Holland points out that the fossil record is imperfect in a sense, but really nearly complete. It is imperfect in that it did not record every organism that has ever lived. So, “all data sets are incomplete”, and he believes we need to “take a different path.”

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