Genders Coded to be Binary

One of the frustrations of writing creation science material is the need to say things again, especially regarding things that normal people already know. However, there are advances in science that reinforce the truth of creation.

In this case, males and females are different. There are people who deny science and say that we are not binary. One new finding shows that we are different all the way down to the genetic level. There are still more discoveries that our Creator stashed away to be discovered.

Except for leftists, secular scientists agree with creationists that genders are binary. They refuse to admit that the Master Engineer planned it.
Man and Woman, RGBStock / Scott Snyder
Atheists and other believers in universal common ancestor evolution despise the truth of creation, but except for those in the secular science industry that support political leftism, they realize that they agree with us that there are only two sexes. What they will not admit is that this is the way our Creator planned it.
Every computer program, or ‘software’, can be reduced to a sequence of two numbers—zero and one. . . . In the binary system, it is either one or the other, with no ‘extras’ or alternatives available—only 0 and 1.

Certain people object to referring to humans in ‘binary terms’—how dare anyone refer to only two options, male and female! The Bible, however, teaches clearly on marriage in Genesis 1:27: “So God created man in his own image … male and female he created them.” Our Lord Jesus confirmed this (Matthew 19:4; Mark 10:6). He quoted Genesis 1:27, the creation of the first human couple, the ancestors of everyone else who ever lived. Thus, the original and flawless plan of our Creator is clearly for every human being to be either a male or a female.

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Although biologists know that males and females have differences that are not just evident in muscles, skeletal structures, and so on, but also in the cells. I'll allow that science has to grow as new knowledge becomes available, and one researcher said that because male and female cells are different, more research needs to be done on female cells. They had been predominantly focusing on male cells.

There is a process where a passel of X chromosomes are switched off in female cells. Certain genes in males are switched on. The Master Engineer even established certain times for these things to happen. New research is required. Science has constantly affirmed that males and females cannot truly "transition" into the other sex, and it sure looks like research will continue to support the truth.

Every high school student knows, or should know, that every cell in the male body is different than every cell in a female body. All of the normal cells in a male have XY chromosomes; in a normal female, XX chromosomes. The main exceptions involve enucleated cells, such as in the eye lens, and the blood cells. Two active X chromosomes results in an overdose of gene products, which is fatal for developing embryos and can lead to cancer in adult life. Because two X chromosomes in one cell overproduce proteins, one X chromosome has to be turned off. This process, called X-inactivation, deals with the problem of dosage compensation.  Consequently, early in embryonic development in females, one of the two X chromosomes is randomly and permanently inactivated in all of the cells that retain a nucleus other than egg cells.

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