Creation Science Predictions of Seafloor Spreading Confirmed

Over yonder past Deception Pass, you can find the Darwin Ranch. Rusty Swingset is the foreman. He can be pleasant when he is not overworked or moody. Today he is on the prod because of a report on the seafloor spreading. This involves that fun phrase, oceanic plate subduction.

The idea that the earth has moving plates on its outer shell, some of them continent-size, began to take hold in the 1960s. When they collide, something has to give. That is where one plate asserts dominance and the other is pushed underneath. What has been observed is troubling to uniformitarian geologists.

Once again, slow and gradual geological processes baffle scientists. Seafloor tectonics confirm what is predicted by creation science Flood models.
World Ocean Floor, Library of Congress / H. Berann et al.
Uniformitarianism is the secular doctrine that geological processes were slow and gradual over great periods of time. Plate tectonics is the description of how those plates are moving (the older theory was called continental drift). Right now, they're moving, subducting, and so on at a slow and constant rate. The predominant view of biblical creation geologists is catastrophic plate tectonics.

Secular scientists did some studying and, as is so often the case, were baffled by what they observed regarding the seafloor. Questions were raised that remain unanswered. However, observations fit quite well with creation science predictions. If secular geologists would stop rejecting creation science and the Genesis Flood out of hand, they could see that problems here and in many other areas are far better explained by Flood geology.
Scientists from Brown University and University of California, Santa Barbara examined the spreading rates at 18 different ocean ridges. Studying the magnetic seafloor record, the team calculated the speeds of spreading for the last 19 million years, in evolutionary time. These ages correlate to the end of the Tejas megasequence, which we interpret to have occurred during the late receding phase of the Flood approximately 4500 years ago.

According to conventional scientists,

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