Evolutionists Admit Inability to Explain Heart Types

There are four types of hearts in living things, and even after many years of trying, Darwinists are still having a dreadful time explaining their evolution. They presuppose evolution in the first place. Despite all the failures of evidence for it, few stop to wonder if their foundation is sound or sand.

Hearts allegedly evolved from an open system in simpler organisms into the complex closed systems up to four-chambered hearts. Evolutionists admit that "little is known" about how all the necessary changes could take place.

Four heart types in various living things allegedly evolved from simple to complex. Evolutionists have no idea how, but still try to deny the Creator.
Model of human heart, Unsplash / Robina Weermeijer
Numerous modifications would be necessary for the heart to evolve into multi-chambered. Also, there are changes necessary in the entire organism, since blood is needed for organs and other things to function. Creatures would need to survive while their irreducibly complex systems were changing. Evolutionists know it evolved (Hail Darwin! Blessed be!), but they don't even try to explain how it happened. Evolutionism is all hat and no cattle. The logical conclusion is that each heart type was designed by the Creator for certain organisms.
The evolutionary claim is that the one-chambered heart pump evolved first, and then it evolved into the two-chambered heart, then the three-chambered heart, and finally, the four-chambered heart, which is used in all mammals. In short, evolution postulates that the circulatory system evolved from a simple system in bacteria to the complex system in humans by the natural selection of billions of mutations (Bishopric 2005).

However, the major insurmountable problem is that each type of heart is an integral part of a specifically designed complex circulatory system. To function properly, each type of heart and circulatory system works together and very differently from all the others. As a result, how one type of system evolved into the next type has baffled Darwinists. Not even plausible “just-so” stories have been proposed to explain how one heart system evolved into a very different system. Evolution is unable to explain their origin.

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