Dragonfly Cat Flip Defies Evolution

Strange myths are told about dragonflies, such as them stinging, sewing your eyes shut, being tools of Satan, and so on. None of them can be taken seriously. They are actually quite marvelous to behold, what with those aerobatic maneuvers and all that good stuff.

Sometimes things do not go well during flight, and they get moved upside down. They have a trick that has been likened to when a cat lands on its feet. Of a sudden, they are able to right themselves in flight.

The dragonfly is an amazing flier, and its ability to flip upright during flight has been likened to a cat. This was better understood recently.
Dragonfly, Pixabay / Franco Patrizia
Dragonflies obviously have tiny brains, and those are marvels of the Master Engineer's design work. Their mechanism can receive and process 200 images a second, so that gets translated into neural signals that reach the wings. The process was better understood using modern high-speed photography. As expected, all praise was robbed from the Creator and given to evolution, blessed be! Saying that "it evolved" is an unscientific police exit (cop out), and people should demand better, or at least that people like this admit that they really don't know.
Dragonflies (order Odonata) are perhaps one of the most studied and appreciated insects in the world today. Like the hummingbird, the dragonfly is a master in the art of flight. New research has only increased the sheer amazement one has for this four-winged wonder.

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